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My 11 Month Break

on June 25, 2013

So I took 11 months off from blogging, but I had a dream about it the other night so I figure now is a good time to make an effort again!

Did I mention I’m expecting  a baby? Our little boy is due sometime in August! I’m huge and pregnant and done with being huge and pregnant. I’m ready to get this kind on the outside and give him a squeeze!

Here I am pregnant with Maya (on the left) and pregnant now (on the right)… my belly is looking tiiiired and I totally agree with it.


I also have some pretty severe pelvic pain which started up around 18 weeks and doesn’t seem to want to get better despite multiple chiropractor and massage therapy visits. Thankfully there is a cure… getting this kid on the outside!

I’m off to Vancouver’s BC Women’s Hospital for the birth, working with the Best Birth Clinic as I’m planning on a natural birth this time and not a repeat c-section. They call this a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) and our hospital here has pretty abysmal success rates so I have to look further afield to find some good support! I’m pretty excited about the clinic so that is good.

We are also studying HypnoBabies which is awesome and completely changing my outlook. I love it. I really like how involved Simon is with it too, as my Birth Partner, and we both feel really prepared and excited about birth. Very cool and definitely something I whole-heartedly recommend to anyone who wants an easy and natural birth.

Maya keeps growing and changing and is so awesome. She turns 3 in October which makes total sense and boggles my mind all at once. She talks and sings and dances and signs and asks a bajillion questions. Her favourite question right now is “What’s that says?” while pointing to words. She’s become crazy about words and letters and wants to read very desperately. We’re working on letter sounds and she has a good memory for it!

She starts school at a local co-op preschool in September and it’s going to be a perfect fit for her. Just two mornings a week, and totally ideal. All the parents and kids at the school have such a calm and supportive nature. We’re already enjoying the community created around the school! Maya in Oki Kai

I’ve also really gotten into babywearing with woven wraps… so expect to see a lot of that around here! I organize a local babywearing group and I’ve bought a few pretty lovely wraps, including the one above which is an Oscha Okinami Kai. I’m pretty heartbroken that I can’t wear Maya right now due to my pelvic issues, but I’m really looking forward to having a newborn to wrap up!

Lots more updates coming soon if I can find the time to write. Thanks for reading!

One Response to “My 11 Month Break”

  1. kimchi says:

    hey! you popped up on the blog feed. i missed you. i liked reading your blog. i’m really looking forward to ‘meeting’ baby boy! lots of love.

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