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The NEW Boba Air Baby Carrier!

on July 25, 2012


You guys, I’m so excited to be one of the first people to try out the new Boba Air baby carrier! As you probably know, I’m a Brand Ambassador for Boba, and I think they are an awesome company with outstanding products. So when I heard there was a new Boba carrier coming out, I couldn’t want to get my hands on it!

Check out the Boba Air. It is made of black nylon and weighs less than a pound. It folds into it’s own little pouch, taking up practically no space at all. And it carries children 15 to 45 lbs!

First of all, I was impressed by the packaging… There was NONE! How nice not to have another box to recycle or another plastic bag to toss. The Air came neatly tucked into it’s storage pouch, with a tiny version of the Boba manual. I was impressed to see the same high-quality straps and buckles as on the 3G carrier. I love that the waist and chest strap adjust on both sides (so comfortable!), and that ALL the straps roll up and secure with little elastic bands. It has a very clean look when on, and doesn’t feel all disorganized with straps dangling all over the place.

Maya loves baby carriers, and calls all of our carriers “Boba!”, so she couldn’t wait to jump into the Air. I put her onto my back without help, the nylon back panel is very light and easy to toss onto her. I will say I’m sorry to see there are no foot straps (like the 3G has), but I understand the need to keep this carrier light and slim. Maya weighs 26 lbs and is nearly 21 months old. The Air does not have padded straps like the 3G, but I was still very comfortable wearing her. Her weight seemed a bit lower, more on my lower back and butt. She also had her doll and a bottle of water in there with her… pretty typical for our babywearing lately!

I swivelled her around to my front without having to take her out of the carrier. Big bonus points there! The unpadded waist belt and the lightness of the carrier makes it very manoeuvrable. I don’t usually wear her on my front in the 3G (she’s just getting so big!), but she loves riding there and snuggled right in. She let me put the sleeping hood on her (I’m glad they kept this feature for the Air!) and she nearly looked like she might fall asleep. Maya hasn’t slept in any baby carrier in about a year or more, so it’s a good indication that she was very comfortable in there.

You can see that the Air also fits Simon very well! We both agreed that it’s so light on your back, you forget the carrier is there.

The geometry of the Air is very similar to the Boba 3G. Maya felt very secure in there, with its high back. The wide base is perfect. The wide straps and belt are great at dispersing the child’s weight. Yes, there is less padding, but that just means I will take my 3G if I will wear her for a long time!

The Air will be a great addition to our babywearing collection. It’s small enough to fit in my purse or into the diaper bag. Maya likes to walk now, but she gets tired, so I’ll be glad to have a lightweight, accessible carrier to pull out when she wants to be carried!

I also think this would be a great tandem carrier with a 3G. I can imagine having Maya on my back in the 3G and younger baby on my front in the Air. It would be easy to layer the straps without getting super bulky since the Air’s straps are unpadded.

One feature I would like to see is a sewn in loop on the pouch so I can use a caribeaner to attach the folded up Air to my backpack or diaper bag or even a beltloop!

Overall, Boba has done it again. This is an amazing carrier: light, comfortable, convenient. Perfect to pop into your diaper bag for babywearing emergencies! It would make an excellent baby shower (or first birthday!) gift. Recommended!


And… Do you still call it babywearing if your baby is… a CHILD?! Look how big this girl is getting!! I’m so glad she can still give me Boba hugs. And we will be using these carriers until she hits the 45 lb limit!


2 Responses to “The NEW Boba Air Baby Carrier!”

  1. Melissa says:

    Awesome. It looks great. I LOVE that it folds up so tiny. Just too stinkin’ cool!

  2. Holly Miniea says:

    Thanks for the review! It looks excellent. I’m a little bummed it won’t carry a tiny, tiny baby, though. Also, is there a picture of it folded up somewhere? I looked on their website and didn’t see one.

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