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Connecting with Parents Online

on December 6, 2011

I spend a lot of my time online, and I know that many other parents do too. When I’m not asking Dr. Google what’s wrong with my child (haven’t you ever searched for images of butt rash?), I’m chatting with other parents, mostly other moms. LOTS of other moms.

Where do I find all these moms? They are everywhere. Here are some places that I’ve found parents to talk to at all hours of the day or night, just in case you want to find some too!


Twitter is my favourite place for all-night mom support. When Maya was very tiny and nursed around the clock, I would chat on Twitter with other moms who were up with their non-sleeping infants. If you’re breastfeeding, look up the #bfcafe hashtag, especially on Thursday nights at 7pm PST when everyone gets together for a Twitter Party. It’s a great chance to get your questions answered by other moms and lactation consultants, and to give support. And for great ’round the clock support, search for the #zombiemoms! Still learning about Twitter? Here is a great tutorial. And if you like to follow hashtags (#), check out TweetDeck)


Two great ways to connect with other moms on Facebook are through Buy/Sell/Trade Groups and Meet Up Groups. Have a search on Facebook for your local area and see what’s out there. I took one of our local face-to-face groups to Facebook because it’s a great way to quickly connect with everyone. Since planning ahead with a baby is basically impossible, you are able to send out a note to say “Playdate today at my house, 1pm!” and everyone will get the message right away. The Buy/Sell/Trade groups are also a good way to meet people and get a great deal in the process. Buying or selling your child’s gently used items on Facebook is easy, supports local families, and saves you money.

Due Date Clubs

Some of my best online friends were met in a Due Date Club while I was pregnant with Maya. They were all pregnant too, and due in October 2010. It was great chatting while we waited for our babies (some of the moms already had older kids, so they were a wealth of knowledge), and now we are all parenting 1 year olds! It has been such fun to send little gifts, video chat, and really get to know these amazing women and their families.


Yep, there are a LOT of “mommy blogs” out there. I have a bunch linked at the bottom of my site if you want to know which ones I regularly read. I would suggest finding someone that seems similar to you and writes about what interests you. I organize all the blogs I read through Google Reader, which I would really recommend familiarizing yourself with if you want to get into blogs. You can even add my blog to your feed by using the RSS link on the top right of the page!

How do you meet other parents online? Did I miss something?


One Response to “Connecting with Parents Online”

  1. Melissa says:

    Where would we be without our October 2010 moms group!?

    I would add that all soon-to-be moms and new moms NEED to find a supportive, positive, encouraging group of other mommies. Because no matter how easy a baby you have, there will come a day that you need other moms who have been there (or are there). :)

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